Monday, February 9, 2009

How to Easily Get Everything You Ever Wanted and Have Someone Else Pay for It

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Step #1 (Choose a Plan)

a. The “Express” Plan: Find a doctor willing to implant you with 3 dozen embryos.

b. The “Installment” Plan: Find a man to marry you that will enjoy knocking you up once a year so he can cash in too.

c. The “Instant” Plan: Find a man to marry you that will let you adopt 3 dozen children from a 3rd world country.

d. Do all of the above. (Our Best Value!)

Step #2

Give birth or adopt said children (or both, see our "Value Plan" above).

Step #3

Sell your story to the tabloids, Lifetime network, People Magazine, or any one of the other hundreds of news and entertainment outlets that will be willing to pay you for your story. They will give you money, build you a house, give you an education and make you famous! And what about the endorsement deals you can get from Pampers, Gerber and Quaker Oatmeal!

Step #4

Reap the profits.

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