Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm BaAAAck! (Again)

Wow, it has been so long since i have been here. I have been relying on Facebook to say what I want to say, but since people also know me there by my business, I need to start coming back here for the good stuff. Or bad stuff. Whichever the case may be. Today it is to rant. Hopefully in the next few days or weeks I can get back to the funny stuff. I hope so.

So here I am.

A LOT of things have happened since I was here. My soldier. WOW. Basic Training. She graduated from Basic with a promotion (very rare), out of 172 people in her unit 8 of them were nominated for Soldier of Cycle. She was one of them. She didn't win, but dammit, it IS an honor to be nominated!

So then she goes on to AIT. Out of 325 test questions the entire time she was there, she missed exactly 3. She graduated with honors and ANOTHER promotion. She is now a PFC and she is up for yet another promotion approximately ONE YEAR after going to basic. EXTREMELY unheard of. ALSO, when she got back and was assigned to her permanent unit, she had to re-qualify with her M16A. She shot 40/40 making her and EXPERT marksman, and TOP gun in her unit. In other words, my baby is kicking some Army ass! Seven of those targets were at 300 meters (which if you aren't sure of the conversion, that is longer than THREE, count them, THREE football fields.) They were visible for SEVEN SECONDS. The rest of them were at different lengths but were only visible for 3 seconds. So yeah, I'd say that is DAMN GOOD!

The Princess is doing well too. She got rid of the low life she was living with, moved back in here (the Tomboy moved back out), and she is doing well. Working 2 jobs and planning to start some classes in the fall. She will be doing everything the hard way. But since she isn't one to take advice from her mom and dad, that is simply what she has to do. I am just wanting her to meet a nice guy and settle down. But I don't think there are any nice guys left on this planet, so I think getting grandchildren may never happen.

Ratman is changing jobs. I am going to be a REAL, NORMAL person again! YAY! Health insurance, 401K the works. How great is that? Things are looking up. It's been a while since I saw "NORMAL". Nice to see you again. Gall bladder full of stones, your days are numbered, my friend!

Okay, so now the REAL reason for this post.

I am pissed. (I know, what's new, right?) My life is going well, but there are some things in THIS COUNTRY (besides the huge trillion dollar national debt, the fact that China owns us, we are in a war that has lasted 10 freakin' years, and the price of gas is skyrocketing...), that just ARE NOT.

What am I pissed about you ask? (Or maybe you didn't and don't care, but here it is anyway.) This whole bin Laden thing has me pissed. First of all, I have my doubts about whether they really got the son of a bitch. Secondly, our wonderful president and the CIA are claiming full credit for the fact that he is dead. WHOA, back up a minute there. WHO is responsible? I BELIEVE that would be the SOLDIERS that went in and killed the fucker. You know, those same soldiers that our wonderful government didn't want to even PAY a couple weeks ago. THEY are responsible for killing him. So THEY went in , killed him and THEN, (and I can hardly type this) THEY BURIED HIM AT SEA ACCORDING TO HIS "RELIGION". Okay correct me if I am wrong, but if MY soldier was standing there, and that fucker had a weapon aimed at her head, do you REALLY think HE would ask HER, "So, soldier, according to your religion, what should we do with your body after we blow your fucking brains out?" Um, no.

Sooooo...yeah, I am pissed. He DESERVED to be tortured. Not die a quick death and then thrown in the sea. He DESERVED to be tried and convicted of his crimes and hanged by the neck like Saddam. THAT is what is deserved. However, he was shot and then buried according to his fucking religion.

They have NO consideration for Americans, hell, they don't have consideration for their own people. They tried to kill a bunch of SCHOOL GIRLS by pumping poisonous gas into the heating system. They tried to kill CHILDREN. Would they have cared if those CHILDREN had been buried according to THEIR religion? No.

So yeah, I am pissed off. And I needed a place to rant, so I had to come back here. I am sure I will be back. I miss my blog. I miss THIS. Being able to say whatever I want, whenever I want 'cause I have to play nice because I have kids and customers on my Facebook. So yep, I'm back. I know that I only have you 11 followers and most of you probably don't even read me anymore. But that's okay. I can still come here and rant and feel better.

And now I do.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's my baby girl! A US Soldier!

See my precious baby girl!

She would be the one leaning against the tree! I can just hear her now! "I call the tree!!!!"


The girl just in front of her has become a dear friend to her and she is sad that they won't be going on together. But she will be reunited with another friend from our state when she gets to school, so hopefully she won't miss her too badly.

I am so proud of them all!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm soooooo disappointed....

So are my 20-year-old and I the ONLY people on the planet that remember "Rocko's Modern Life" and "KaBlam!" from Nickelodeon? Two of THE BEST shows EVER to be on TV?!?!?!?

I am so disappointed. I mean who can forget the episode where Rocko loses his gas cap and has to go the DMV for a new driver's test and during the eye exam the examiner pulls on his eyes and says "Turn your head and cough." Or who can forget the superheroes on "Kablam!"? With lines like, "He's super strong, and super naked!" Oh come on! Have you been living under a rock?

Well if YOU are one of the ones that DON'T remember, those links above are where you can refresh your memory, and if you are a DIE HARD Rocko fan, then NOW is the time to sign up to Netflix, because they have now added them to their line up of FREEBIES you can watch online (as long as you have a subscription to their movies by mail service, which I do, and I LOVE! You just don't get customer service these days the way you do with Netflix! They are amazing and I can't say enough good things about them!) You can watch several seasons, and you can stream them to your TV with a Wii now! Yipee! I can't wait to tell The Tomboy (who graduates from Basic on the 25th, by the way! WOO HOO!), she will be soooo excited, she will spend the first week she is home streaming Rocko! I hope they don't pull them before she is able to get home and re-watch them all!

Now if they will just add "KaBlam!", I will be in classic Nickelodeon twisted cartoon heaven! I may have to write them and BEG them to add it!

And NO this is not an ad for Netflix and I know you are probably thinking "I can't believe I just read this entire post."

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

He leaves me speechless.....then I blog it....

I know, I have said it a MILLION times, but if it were not for my wonderfully funny hubby, I wouldn't have a blog. He has SUCH a quick wit, and he keeps me laughing all the time. I think that is what makes me love him the most. Well, SOMETIMES...at other times I just shake my head and think, "I married an idiot." Yeah, that one more often. And then I fight the urge to ask myself who is the bigger idiot. I mean, I married him.

Anyway, tonight we were standing in the kitchen, and we were talking about my cousin's husband. He is THE BIGGEST procastinator I have ever seen in my life. Really. I mean, Rat Man procrastinates (don't ALL men), but Scott is just HORRIBLE. And it drives her totally nuts. I have never ever seen anyone that will put stuff off for literally YEARS before they will do something. Something that would take about 15 minutes to do, no less.

She and I had a conversation last night about how bad he was, and I was, of course, bitching about Randy being one too. She would have a story, then I would have a story. You know, girl talk.

So tonight as Rat Man and I were talking about Scott and he being procrastinators and me telling him that Scott was worse that even he is he says "So, you want to make it a competition?"

Me: "Uhhh, NO, you better not! If it is going to be a competition, then it better be YOU being LESS of a procastinator than him, so I can brag about it instead of bitching about it being the other way around. You better not get WORSE about putting things off!"

"Oh okay," says Rat Man with a shrug, "I'll just worry about it later."

I just slapped my forehead and walked away. There just isn't anything you can say to that.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yep, it has happened again....

Okay, I swear to you, that this shit happens to me ALL THE TIME. I mean I can mention someone that I haven't seen in YEARS and will see them in Walmart. Or driving down the road. It is WEIRD. Freaks me out sometimes. I even dream things sometimes, about funerals and stuff of people that are alive and guess what? Yeah....happened with Randy's uncle and then with my own grandmother. Randy's uncle had cancer at the time, but he wasn't actually sick. I mean, yeah it was coming, and I knew that, and maybe it was just on my mind. But my own Grandmother wasn't. She was still living her life, taking care of others, just gotten a new dog, etc. etc. It was a surprise. And just a few weeks before she died, I dreamed we were at a "wake" at HER HOUSE. And a voice said to me in these EXACT WORDS "The time is growing short; be about your business." And I KNEW. I KNEW. I wanted to think it was someone else, and I tried to just wave it away. But it came.

I have actually had family members hand me ultrasounds and I will KNOW the sex of the baby. Yes, I know I have a 50/50 chance of being right, but when my neice handed me the scan of her 2nd baby and she wanted a boy REALLY BAD, I had to tell her (she and I have always been close; she is like a daughter to me), "Baby," I said as gently as I could,"I'm sorry, but you are having a girl." She said "No way; it is a boy!!!!" I just said "No, Sweetie, it was like someone just screamed into my brain 'GIRL!'" She was disappointed, but was prepared when her little girl was born. We tried it again with her last one. When she handed it to me, and again she wanted a boy, I felt a very quiet "boy"but I just gently said to her. "I can't guess it this time. I want to say boy, but I think I want to say it because you want it so badly and because you want it, I want it for you. So I am not going to say that. So you will just have to wait and see when you have the next scan." It was a boy.

A-N-Y-W-A-Y (I have a point, I promise) THIS shit happens to me ALL THE TIME. I mean CONSTANTLY. Like I said, Rat Man and I can be talking about someone we haven't seen in literally YEARS and I will see them. I will dream about someone I haven't seen in years and see them. I think we all have that little bit of intuition, or maybe it is just a freakin' coincidence and it just happens. But whatever it is, sometimes, it can really make you feel WEIRD, you know? Like I said, we all have a little intuition, and things like this happen to people all the time. Doesn't make the psychic or gifted or special, it just happens.

And with the following I guess you could say it didn't happen to ME this time, but rather Rat Man, really and again, this very thing has happened to us together more times than I can count. (Maybe it is the combination of the 2 of us [???])

We were sitting on the couch the other night and we saw a preview for a movie. I can't even tell you if it was a new movie, an old movie that was coming on TV, can't tell you the name of it; can't tell ya. But they were flashing the scenes and one of the actors was familiar although he was in kinda-sorta heavy makeup. Rat man said "Isn't that umm, ummm...oh you know....Dennis Hopper...????"

"No," I said,"You are thinking of 'Anthony Hopkins'....the guy from Dracula." (And I mentioned Dracula because it is one of our faves; we have seen it over and over and I knew he would know him from that.)

"Oh, yeah...." he replied, "That's who it is!"

So then I asked, "Dennis Hopper was a bad guy on something.....ummmm....what was it? Was it one of the Die Hard movies?"

He answered, "No, it was Speed."

Okay, first let me say that I know this is a boring conversation and you are probably wondering why you are still reading this, and secondly, the name "Dennis Hopper" hadn't been mentioned in this house EVER as far as I can remember. I mean we just never, ever, ever, talked about him that I can EVER recall.

Then today this: http://movies.yahoo.com/news/movi...es.ap.org/dennis-hopper-creator-hit-easy-rider-dies-ap

Yep, this kind of thing happens to us ALL THE TIME. It is just TOO WEIRD.........


Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus.......

Sorry, had to try....


Friday, April 23, 2010

Again, if you pray, chant, dance naked around bonfires...

....whatever you do, and whether you like him or not......being a "child of the 80's" I have to say all my best to Mr. Michaels.....http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20363506,00.html

I hope they find out what is causing the problem and hopefully he will survive.....

Really sad....

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Tomboy-A Soldier (And liking it????)

I haven't written about my girl leaving on March 28th, 2010 because it has been too difficult. But it is time.

My "tear away" Army National Guard calendar is still on that day. It will stay on that day until she walks back in this door. I will then tear them off, rip them up and toss them and forget all the agony of missing and worrying. I hope.

She got a 2 minute phone call last night and called us. And you will never believe this part: SHE IS ENJOYING IT! But hey what girl wouldn't enjoy, M-16s, live grenades and tear gas filled rooms you have to find your way out of? I mean really. Sounds like a day at the mall to me. WTF?

And the funny thing? She is NOT gay. Not that I would care if she was, but she isn't. She has always been the Tomboy, but she likes guys (sometimes more than I like *ahem*). She has a gay friend who teases her all the time, but she just tells him "No, James, I am like YOU. I like guys!" Yeah, I think she gets it from her dad. Okay that didn't sound right...she gets her SENSE OF HUMOR from her dad. There.....whew....she gets her love of the opposite sex from....somewhere else....

But here is to my Tomboy Soldier who is actually have FUN at basic training......she never ceases to amaze her mama! Love you, baby girl!