Monday, August 31, 2009

Are you freaking kidding me?

I know, I am opinionated and I don't have a problem sharing my opinions. So once again, here I go ranting about something that has me totally PISSED OFF.

This woman, Lori Drew should be punished. She and her piece of shit daughter should go to jail and no one can figure out exactly how to make that happen. I am not going to rail on and on and on, but my god! What she did to that poor girl should be considered AT LEAST involuntary manslaughter! And she doesn't even appear to feel the least bit guilty. She caused that poor child to commit suicide by pretending to be a boy, getting her to like 'the boy', and then 'breaking it off' and telling her that she was worthless and the world would be better off without her. She did all this because SHE is a worthless piece of gutter trash. And they can't figure out what kind of laws she broke???

You know, I believe that someday, someone will do something to HER or to her CHILD that she will not be able to control. Someone will be mean in a way that will cause her or her daughter harm; irreversible harm, and when that day comes, it will be no less than what she deserves.

If it had been MY child, then I would be in jail, because I would have killed the bitch. Period.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just some ranting.....

Okay, don't some of the richest people in the country live and work in Los Angeles, California? Then how the hell can California be so broke?

For the last year or maybe longer, (I haven't paid a whole lot of attention to it all) I know that they have been struggling to pay government workers, etc. (um the people that keep the state RUNNING!) and that just blows my mind. But maybe there are things I just don't understand about it.

Now they are having the huge "garage sale" to sell off tons of junk and raise some money.

Okay my first question is, whose bright idea was it to buy all this junk in the first place if they didn't need it and couldn't afford it? If they are selling it now as surplus, then apparently they could have done without it in the first place.

My second question is, if all of these actors and actresses are working in Hollywood (or is that just the watering hole where they all come to drink?) then why they hell aren't their taxes making a dent in the debt? Many of them own residences in Hollywood (and other parts of the state) even if they don't live there all the time. Aren't they being taxed on these expensive homes? What about the sales tax on the cars they drive. That has to be A LOT of money. What about income taxes? Am I just missing something here? Is it more complicated than that, and I just don't know what I am talking about. (That does happen OCCASIONALLY.)

If the state really IS in trouble, then I think it is the responsibility of it's residents that HAVE the money to help take care of it. And those happen to be the ones that we see on the silver screen. Shouldn't they be ponying up some dough to help these government employees who have REAL jobs, that actually WORK for a living, and live paycheck to paycheck (or in their case they live IOU to IOU apparently.)

I live in Arkansas. We don't have lots of rich folks (well except the Waltons and really I have to say if it weren't for them and Walmart being RIGHT HERE we definitely wouldn't have the schools and the programs that we have.) So that is why I am thinking, isn't it time for those that HAVE, to step up and make a difference in the state in which they live? Whether it is to give more money, or to get nosey and find out where the money they DO pay is going. Do they not care? I mean what is wrong? Aren't they the ones that are always screaming about this charity or that cause when they really need to be focusing on taking care of business at home?

Okay maybe I am just naive, or I don't know how it all works, so maybe I am making a fool of myself, and if so, please someone set me straight, because I JUST DON'T GET IT.

Okay, now for the rant! (The OTHER rant!)

Speaking of "stars", you know there is something TERRIBLY WRONG with this country when you can log on to MSN, Yahoo or whatever and see MICHAEL JACKSON'S face EVERY SINGLE DAY splashed across the screen, they talk about him on the tube EVERY DAY sometimes ALL DAY, and then you log on one day and there is a ITTY BITTY TINY blurb about Ted Kennedy's funeral. I wasn't even aware until late afternoon the day AFTER he died that he had even died. WTF is wrong with that??? He is a KENNEDY for godsakes!

I mean, I know he had been sick for a long time and he wasn't young, so it wasn't a case of a young person whose life was tragically cut short. I've got that part. So I am thinking, "He wasn't the train wreck that Jackson was, and apparently trainwrecks are more important (or at least get the most press)."

The Kennedy's have had lives full of tragedy. From JFK, to Robert, to John John's untimely death in that plane crash; I really feel for Caroline. Oh, I know she is rich as King Midas himself, but you have to look at her and wonder how she has gotten through so much loss. She has seen so many people she loves die. She is the last of her immediate (and most of her extended) family. I know that Ted lived a long life (and not without controversy himself, I might add), and Jackie didn't die a young and tragic death, but Caroline really has had a lot of loss. I guess sometimes when we look at those that have more than we do in regards to money, we should remember that they have had their pain too. And this family has had more than its share. I wonder, would they have been willing to give up all the money if it would have saved the lives of those they loved that died too young. My guess would be yes. Don't you think?

Anyway, it just goes to show what it important to us as a society. Michael Jackson trumps a Kennedy. Who would have thunk it???

Kinda bugs me. A lot.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I totally agree with this article...


What ever happened to letting a child BE a child? Letting them explore and play and learn about the world using only their own curiosity and senses?

I can tell you, one of the things that led me to home school my children was the fact that the schools pushed and pushed and pushed and that stupid No Child Left Behind bullshit.

My kids are NOT geniouses. However, when The Princess (who has been at her current customer relations job for 3 years) interviewed, the interviewer inadvertenly (that means "accidentally" in case you went to public school) left a stack of papers on the table in the interview room. The papers had test scores on them from 4 applicants. The Princess scored the highest on all the testing out of the 4. Her Reading/English skills came in at 100%; her Math (which has always been more of a struggle for her) came in at 93%. The other 3 applicants had even lower scores and all of them had attended public school.

I have read such stupid things about home schooling. One article by some "expert" said that those that home school end up with stupid kids and one other "expert" said we were raising a generation of "rocket scientists with no social skills". I never could quite figure out where we fit in that, since my house was full of my kid's peers constantly, and they did very well in their work, but we approached it from a very laid back perspective. So are they idiots, or socially retarded?

When The Princess was 17 she decided she was done, ready to graduate, so she went and got a GED, where she won an award for her creative writing. The "class" she attended was made up mostly of kids her own age or a little older that had dropped out of public school in order to graduate early, and there were over 200 of them. So even though it was "JUST" a GED class, I was proud of her. She did very well and passed with flying colors.

And many will argue, but I can't find any employer that would consider a GED nothing less than a diploma, ESPECIALLY for a home schooled child. They totally understand that the only way to get that "piece of paper" saying your child is finished with school is the GED.

When I read articles like this, or posts by other blogging moms, like this, I am so glad that we chose home schooling. The public school system is a disgrace, and every time they try to "fix" it, it just gets worse.

And many home schooling "programs" aren't much better. Many states require so much of this test and that test and this curriculum and that curriculum, that kids still spend an entire day working on school work when you can teach in 4 hours what public schools take 7-8 hours cramming in. And they have time to play, to read, to draw, to color, to learn something they are interested in, etc.

I was BLOWN AWAY when my neice told me there is no more recess at the elementary schools in our city. NO MORE RECESS? WTF??? They are allowed to go outside for 20 minutes, BEFORE lunch and that is IT. I absolutely COULD NOT believe what I was hearing. And home schoolers are missing out on social skills? Uh, HELLO? Next they will do completely away with summer vacations.

It is no wonder the Japanese are ahead of us. Apparently they know what they are doing. And they AREN'T pushing these poor kids to excel at whatever the cost or making them look like fools. Maybe someone should do a little more research on what really IS best for kids and do THAT.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lana, It Was Your Dance That Did It!

Little Daxton spent the night in an oxygen tent, and this morning was breathing just smooth as silk. I think he was just stressed out. I mean think about it. He was warm and cozy, it wasn't even time to come out and suddenly someone is yanking him into a cold bright room, tossing him around, poking him, prodding him, not letting him see his mommy.

It's like having to go to work early on a winter morning and you get awoken by a wrong number calling 30 minutes before the alarm goes off, scaring the hell out of you, and then realizing that they robbed you of the final half hour of sleep that you now won't be getting. And then you have to get up and GO OUT into that cold, after getting woken abruptly, way too early and having reality hit you way too soon. So yeah, I think he was just pissed off and was thinking, "Where the hell is the 'snooze' button? Where the hell is the 'snooze button? Someone find me the damn 'snooze' button!"

But he is doing great today. His mommy got to FINALLY hold him this morning, although when he was in the oxy tent they gave him a pacifier and now Mommy's nipple isn't what he wants. So he is being stubborn on that point. But she is a HUGE breastfeeding advocate (she gets that from her Aunt Kandi!) and she will breastfeed that little booger one way or another. And of course, being that he is a little premature it is the best thing for him, so she is determined it WILL happen. But I think he will learn pretty quickly which nipple is just for sucking for the sake of sucking and where the food supply is. He is, after all, male.

They are going home tomorrow. Maybe soon I will have a picture I can show off and brag about. He is such a tiny little thing! I can't wait to hold him!

So thank you Lana, I hope you didn't burn yourself in any important places. (YIKES.)

I appreciate the comment! It really meant a lot to me.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If you pray, chant, dance naked around a bonfire....


....whatever you do, please do it for our little one.

My neice gave birth today in an emergency C-section because she had begun hard contractions. They couldn't stop the contractions and with fears of her uterus rupturing from her 2 previous C-sections, they had to perform an emergency one at about 5:30 pm.

Little Daxton is 19 days premature (at the least and the doctors suspect he may be even more premature than that), and he weighed in at a whopping 6lbs 6oz and he is a whole 17 inches long. He is such a tiny little thing. He is having some breathing problems, they have him in an oxygen tent, but if he has not improved by morning they will be taking him to neo natal, 30 miles away, in a different hospital, while my poor neice will stay in her hospital without him. She has yet to hold and breastfeed her baby.

Please, whether it is praying, or chanting, or whatever it is you do, and to whomever you pray, send up a few for our newest little family member. We love him and want to get to know him soon. And please pass along my request if you would.

I will post updates if anyone is interested in them.

And there is a story that I read today that is just AMAZING and gives me hope that our baby isn't so sick after all. You gotta read this! It is truly an AWESOME story, you just won't believe it!

Thanks everyone!


Sunday, August 9, 2009



Okay, I know this blog has been BORING, BORING, BORING lately, but I'm in a slump, so you have to forgive me.

I don't know what is wrong with me.

I think I am just tired. Maybe it is the heat (which has been EXCRUCIATING this summer), I don't know what it is. But someone in my family needs to do something funny quick before I lose my few readers.

Maybe I need to play some practical jokes on them or something. Go see a funny movie, hell, just get some damn sleep in a COOL house (the fuckin' air conditioner just can't keep up!).

Maybe I need to teach the little guy that I watch part time some new words....yeah that would be fun. I mean he already knows the best ones, so unless I add the F-bomb that won't work. And of course I always blame all that on his mom. Who me? Dirty mouth? NO WAY! It HAS to be coming from his mom.

I'll never forget the day when he was about 18 months old and I was getting him out of his car seat and I dropped my purse. Of course I declared "Shit!" and he repeated it just perfectly. And this is a kid that goes to SPEECH THERAPY, but for some reason he gets EVERY dirty word, PERFECT. You should hear him say "Bitch". It is beautiful. The speech therapy is paying off in a BIG WAY. We are all so proud.

Anyway, sorry folks, I will see what I can do about getting some juicy funny stuff going again. Like I said, I think it is the heat. Yeah, that's the ticket, it's the heat..... (For those of you that don't know, that was a Saturday Night Live reference.)


Friday, August 7, 2009

RIP John Hughes 1950-2009

John Hughes, the man who captured my generation on film, died today.

He didn't just make movies about the 80's, his movies WERE the 80s. He made them like no one else could have.

Thank you for giving our children a glimpse of what our lives were like "back then".

Rest in Peace, Mr. Hughes.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Okay, I can be an angry cold-hearted....

....bitch sometimes, and I complain and bitch and moan and groan about living in this crazy country sometimes, but I bawled like a baby when I watched this video.

We all bitch and moan and groan about this country, but we need to remember, we have the freedom to bitch and moan and groan and there are so many that do not have that freedom. We need to remember that every day and be thankful, even when our government is screwing us over, it could be worse. Much worse.

And I thought I'd never hear myself say this but, "Way to go, Bill and Al! You should be proud of what you have done!" And we should be proud of them too, for THIS if nothing else, because they didn't just do a GOOD thing, they did a DAMN GOOD thing.

But even YOU (and you know who you are) have to admit, this is one hell of a good story with one hell of a happy ending, and one damn good day for the US. And had you been in the position of these women, you would be saying the same thing.