Sunday, December 20, 2009

Are you kidding me?

Some people have way too much time on their hands, or maybe they just can't think of anything better to worry about.

Next thing you know they will be attacking the Easter Bunny for having only 2 teeth. Lighten up, people! He is a fictional character, and I don't really know many kids who ever say "I want to grow up to be Santa. Ummm....yeah.

Don't we have more important things to think about? I can think of dozens, but I'll mention just a few. Health CARE (you know that little thing that some of us are not insured for and can't get although we carry around a gall bladder full of stones and have arthritis in our hands and hurt them last week opening a child-proof bottle), the war on terror, and just to get "cliche" what about world peace? I mean if you MUST worry about something, at least make it something IMPORTANT even if it is cliche!

WOW, How many of these will I write in 2009?

Let this be the last one for a long, long time:

RIP Brittany Murphy

Friday, December 11, 2009

2 Posts in One-Something I Was Thinking About & I Cried Today

The only thing I really hate about stories like this is that I will not be here to see it happen.

I am a HUGE science fiction buff and have always lamented that I never studied hard enought to become a scientist. Makes me want to believe in reincarnation so that I could believe that I could be around then. If that were true, then maybe next time around I COULD study hard enough to be a scientist and get to be in on these exciting expeditions into space.

I know that the fact that I DIDN'T study hard enough or even KNOW that I wanted that so badly can only be blamed on ME. But when you are a kid and no one ever TOLD you that you COULD do those things, it makes it that much harder. When you have no parental support, or have them telling you that you can do and be whatever you want, then you don't even think that you can. You just kinda drift around.

So if you see any type of scientific aptitude in your children, or whatever you see; music, writing, drawing, painting, please push them in that direction. Encourage any gift you see. No matter what it costs. Find a way to make it happen. Do that for them.

On the other side of that, I look at people like Grandma Moses who didn't start painting until she was in her 70s and I look at Susan Boyle whose album is selling like hotcakes and I also have to believe that it is NEVER too late to dream your dreams and to live them.

See how fickle I am? It is no wonder I mop floors in a hospital and hope that will pay for me to get my Associates Degree in the next few years. Geesh.

Yeah, I'm a totally confused individual:o)


I cried today. But not because I was sad.

I cried today because I got a really awesome gift. And I guess maybe I am a little upset at the same time. But not really UPSET; well maybe a little 'cause they shouldn't have done it. But they did and that is great; but.... Okay, I'm getting to the point! Sit down and shut up!

You see, money has been tight for us for quite some time. And when we did have a little extra we tried to use it to catch up on bills or help one of the girls (for example a new alternator for The Princess' car), and we have been working SOOOO hard and it IS starting to show. We ARE starting to catch things up.

Anyway, as I said, things have been very tight. And even though I have gone back to work part time, and watch the Little Monster part time, I haven't been able to make myself spend the money to get myself a winter coat. And now that I wear scrubs to work, I freeze my ass off. If you have ever worn scrubs in temperatures in the teens, you know that feeling. Brrrrrr.....just doesn't cover it.

So my precious, wonderful daughters gave me my Christmas gift today. A beautiful wool coat that is similar to a pea coat, with a hood. It is black, it is gorgeous and it is toasty warm. And it is long to keep my legs warm and everything. Well, The Princess assured me that it was on sale, and then she totally INSISTED on it when I got a look at the $200 price tag that she forgot to take off. She ASSURED me that she and her sister DID NOT pay that much. And if I find out they did, they are dead. That's it. Just dead. But when I go to the Kohl's site, I see wool coats that are $180 on sale for around $70-$80. And even THAT is too much to spend on me even though they are going in half and half. But that is better than them spending $200.

And while I am so happy that they wanted to do this for me, and the coat is BEAUTIFUL, I feel so guilty. Why do moms do that?

So I thank my beautiful adult babies for being so loving and generous to see to it that mom is warm this winter and for many, many winters to come, 'cause this thing is gonna last me FOREVER. I'm gonna see to that.

I think maybe this is the nicest thing I have ever received in my life. Not only because it is a beautiful coat, but because it came from their hearts. And they were too excited to wait 'til Christmas and knew that I needed it NOW since it has been so cold here. So they gave it to me today.

I love you, my precious girls, with all my heart and soul!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

If It Weren't for the Rat Man I'd Have No Blog!

I swear, it is like I said before I don't know who is the bigger idiot. HIM, or ME for marrying HIM, you know?

His latest statement was about "hung juries".

He asked me "If there are so many 'hung juries' during trials, why don't they just give all the men physical exams first and check their sizes? And what about using all women?"

Then he made some comments about different races, and I will spare you those......

Yeah, he is just so funny. I just shake my head and wonder, "What the hell was I thinking?"

Friday, December 4, 2009

Now THAT'S what I call Democracy in Action!

This is a HOOT! I love it!

And I totally agree! Let's all do this next presidential election!