Sunday, June 7, 2009

100% True Airport Security Story

You know, in this post-9/11 world, we are supposed to be safer. All those insanely long lines at security in the airports, being able to only carry so much liquid onto the plane, and blah, blah, blah is supposed to keep us safe.


The fact of the matter is, they (meaning the people that are PAID to keep us safe) are paying no more attention NOW, than they were THEN and, bottom line? We are no safer now than we have ever been. But just wait. Another 9/11 will happen one day, and suddenly everyone will be whining, "How did this happen???"

I'll will tell you how...

Ratman is an electrician. The company he works for currently has a contract with a man who is creating and building a new franchise. Of course I can't tell you what that is for legal confidentiality and all that stuff, but this same man has also invented, and patented a device that will impove a certain function when fast food chains serve their wares. Again, can't tell ya about it, BUT I can give you a brief description of the little item that he has invented and obtained said patent on, and just exactly what he did with it that has me shaking my head and muttering "dumbasses" under my breath.

This gentleman recently made a trip to Canada with his brand spankin' new patented prototype, carried onto the plane in a metal briefcase. The case was run through the x-ray machines, etc. etc. etc. and all of the other half-assed things they do to check the bags at security.

Now let me describe this little device to you.

It is about the size of a 15" laptop, it is black metal and inside it, along with all the "nuts and bolts" so to speak, is a 9-volt battery to power it, and it has a nifty little blinking red light on it to indicate that it is on and working properly. In other words, this little beauty could be ANYTHING.

This gentleman boarded a plane in the US, going through all the security crap, and no one questioned this device inside this case. He landed in Canada. Again, nothing. He boarded a plane to come BACK to the US, again, no one was concerned. He landed once more in the US and once more (have you guessed by now), NADA. Nothing. Not so much as a raised eyebrow.

How did this man take this prototype device (that Ratman told me, jokingly, actually could pass for a bomb because it is encased in black, has the red light blinking on it, and when it is opened you can clearly see the 9-volt battery operating it, besides all the wires and other junk that makes it work), through FOUR checkpoints, board TWO planes, LEAVE THE COUNTRY, ENTER A DIFFERENT COUNTRY, COME BACK INTO THE US and NO ONE NOTICED?

How did that happen? Because no one cares. Period.

THAT ladies and gentleman is the state of airport security. And personally, if I was getting on a plane, that would scare the hell out of me.



Mr. Mcknob said...

In the defense of the airport security, in whom I have little faith, the machine they use will tell show of certain colors if the contents of the bag are explosive. Like C4, gunpowder, etc.

I use a CPAP machine and if I take it on the plane with me, I get to go through extra security. Makes me wonder what's inside the bastard.