Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's been a rough past few months in Hollywood

Wow, I know I already posted about Farrah and Michael Jackson passing away, but I was sitting here a little bit ago and thinking about all the people that have died in the past few months that were famous. It starts in January with Ricardo Montalban and it seems like every month it has just been one after the other, after the other! WOW.

I may miss mentioning some of them in this post, but these are the ones that stood out to me because of who they were. And whether they were beautiful, controversial, broke or totally whacked out, they were all brilliant in their own ways and maybe they deserved a little better than what they got in the end. (Well except maybe David Carradine, I mean, ugh!)

So this is an RIP to the following, no matter how you felt about them, the world is just a little dimmer without their faces, their voices, and yes even their controversies:

Ricardo Montalban-"I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Fantasy Island and I hope they will put out more than just the first season on DVD because I have watched those over and over and over and I although compared to today's technology they are a bit cheesy, they are cheesy in the best way! I think maybe you were best though in the role of 'KAHN', and I am not going to explain that one, because if one is not a Trekkie they don't deserve to know!"

Bea Arthur-"Wow, what can I say, you were one of the funniest women EVER. I'll always remember you as Dorothy Zbornak and I have seen all the episodes of Golden Girls about a billion times! You were absolutely BRILLIANT and you will be sorely missed."

Natasha Richardson-"You were beautful in The Parent Trap and a total BITCH in Maid in Manhattan but you were a hell of an actress and didn't get the accolades you deserved! Not by a long shot."

David Carradine-"Basically you just scared the hell out of me, especially as the abusive 'Justin Lamotte' in the TV mini-series The North and the South, but you were a hell of an actor too. I hope people will remember THAT. But I also hope that your death will be a big reminder to people that you can DIE from autoerotic asphyxiation. It is a deadly game and I hope that teens all over the world will hear that it killed you to help save their lives. Maybe that will be your best legacy."

Ed McMahon-"I remember that it seemed you were always smiling, or yelling, whether it was on 'Johnny Carson' or 'Star Search'. Oh, and where the hell is my check from PCH? I wish you would have sent that before you left."

Farrah Faucet-"My sister, her best friend Patti, and I used to play Charlie's Angels. We'd dress up, put on makeup and put toy guns in my mom's purses and we WERE the Angels (I always had to be 'Sabrina' though)! When I saw 'The Burning Bed' it was so real because it reminded me of my abusive childhood. I watched it on a Sunday afternoon, sitting in the living room floor all alone, on VHS back in 1987, and sat like a stone through it the first time. I then rewound it and cried all the way through it the second time. You were amazing in that movie and deserved an Emmy. A lot of us could relate to the character, and you played the hell out of her!"

Michael Jackson-"In the 80s you were IT. I was head over heels. I had your albums, your posters and even this little mirror that had your name scrolled across it that I just loved. I thought you were the best. That is what I will remember you for. I wish you could have found a way to silence the demons you carried. But maybe they made you the musical genious you were. I guess we had to take the good with the bad. I just hope you will be remembered for the good."

I know that Billy Mays died today and while I have nothing to say to him, it is such a shame that ANYONE should have their life snuffed out at such a young age. How terrible for his family.

Like I said, I know there were others, but these are the ones that I will personally remember for whatever reason, and would say these things to if I could. May you all rest in peace.