Monday, April 19, 2010

The Tomboy-A Soldier (And liking it????)

I haven't written about my girl leaving on March 28th, 2010 because it has been too difficult. But it is time.

My "tear away" Army National Guard calendar is still on that day. It will stay on that day until she walks back in this door. I will then tear them off, rip them up and toss them and forget all the agony of missing and worrying. I hope.

She got a 2 minute phone call last night and called us. And you will never believe this part: SHE IS ENJOYING IT! But hey what girl wouldn't enjoy, M-16s, live grenades and tear gas filled rooms you have to find your way out of? I mean really. Sounds like a day at the mall to me. WTF?

And the funny thing? She is NOT gay. Not that I would care if she was, but she isn't. She has always been the Tomboy, but she likes guys (sometimes more than I like *ahem*). She has a gay friend who teases her all the time, but she just tells him "No, James, I am like YOU. I like guys!" Yeah, I think she gets it from her dad. Okay that didn't sound right...she gets her SENSE OF HUMOR from her dad. There.....whew....she gets her love of the opposite sex from....somewhere else....

But here is to my Tomboy Soldier who is actually have FUN at basic training......she never ceases to amaze her mama! Love you, baby girl!


Sprinkle said...

Just found your blog and this was the first post I read - looking forward to reading the rest!

kandi-itsmyblog said...

I write as often as possible....I am not the best writer on the planet, but I do try to relate things as they happened. It can be fun sharing my off-the-wall and not-so-popular opinions sometimes! lol Thank you for reading!