Tuesday, June 1, 2010

He leaves me speechless.....then I blog it....

I know, I have said it a MILLION times, but if it were not for my wonderfully funny hubby, I wouldn't have a blog. He has SUCH a quick wit, and he keeps me laughing all the time. I think that is what makes me love him the most. Well, SOMETIMES...at other times I just shake my head and think, "I married an idiot." Yeah, that one more often. And then I fight the urge to ask myself who is the bigger idiot. I mean, I married him.

Anyway, tonight we were standing in the kitchen, and we were talking about my cousin's husband. He is THE BIGGEST procastinator I have ever seen in my life. Really. I mean, Rat Man procrastinates (don't ALL men), but Scott is just HORRIBLE. And it drives her totally nuts. I have never ever seen anyone that will put stuff off for literally YEARS before they will do something. Something that would take about 15 minutes to do, no less.

She and I had a conversation last night about how bad he was, and I was, of course, bitching about Randy being one too. She would have a story, then I would have a story. You know, girl talk.

So tonight as Rat Man and I were talking about Scott and he being procrastinators and me telling him that Scott was worse that even he is he says "So, you want to make it a competition?"

Me: "Uhhh, NO, you better not! If it is going to be a competition, then it better be YOU being LESS of a procastinator than him, so I can brag about it instead of bitching about it being the other way around. You better not get WORSE about putting things off!"

"Oh okay," says Rat Man with a shrug, "I'll just worry about it later."

I just slapped my forehead and walked away. There just isn't anything you can say to that.