Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm BaAAAck! (Again)

Wow, it has been so long since i have been here. I have been relying on Facebook to say what I want to say, but since people also know me there by my business, I need to start coming back here for the good stuff. Or bad stuff. Whichever the case may be. Today it is to rant. Hopefully in the next few days or weeks I can get back to the funny stuff. I hope so.

So here I am.

A LOT of things have happened since I was here. My soldier. WOW. Basic Training. She graduated from Basic with a promotion (very rare), out of 172 people in her unit 8 of them were nominated for Soldier of Cycle. She was one of them. She didn't win, but dammit, it IS an honor to be nominated!

So then she goes on to AIT. Out of 325 test questions the entire time she was there, she missed exactly 3. She graduated with honors and ANOTHER promotion. She is now a PFC and she is up for yet another promotion approximately ONE YEAR after going to basic. EXTREMELY unheard of. ALSO, when she got back and was assigned to her permanent unit, she had to re-qualify with her M16A. She shot 40/40 making her and EXPERT marksman, and TOP gun in her unit. In other words, my baby is kicking some Army ass! Seven of those targets were at 300 meters (which if you aren't sure of the conversion, that is longer than THREE, count them, THREE football fields.) They were visible for SEVEN SECONDS. The rest of them were at different lengths but were only visible for 3 seconds. So yeah, I'd say that is DAMN GOOD!

The Princess is doing well too. She got rid of the low life she was living with, moved back in here (the Tomboy moved back out), and she is doing well. Working 2 jobs and planning to start some classes in the fall. She will be doing everything the hard way. But since she isn't one to take advice from her mom and dad, that is simply what she has to do. I am just wanting her to meet a nice guy and settle down. But I don't think there are any nice guys left on this planet, so I think getting grandchildren may never happen.

Ratman is changing jobs. I am going to be a REAL, NORMAL person again! YAY! Health insurance, 401K the works. How great is that? Things are looking up. It's been a while since I saw "NORMAL". Nice to see you again. Gall bladder full of stones, your days are numbered, my friend!

Okay, so now the REAL reason for this post.

I am pissed. (I know, what's new, right?) My life is going well, but there are some things in THIS COUNTRY (besides the huge trillion dollar national debt, the fact that China owns us, we are in a war that has lasted 10 freakin' years, and the price of gas is skyrocketing...), that just ARE NOT.

What am I pissed about you ask? (Or maybe you didn't and don't care, but here it is anyway.) This whole bin Laden thing has me pissed. First of all, I have my doubts about whether they really got the son of a bitch. Secondly, our wonderful president and the CIA are claiming full credit for the fact that he is dead. WHOA, back up a minute there. WHO is responsible? I BELIEVE that would be the SOLDIERS that went in and killed the fucker. You know, those same soldiers that our wonderful government didn't want to even PAY a couple weeks ago. THEY are responsible for killing him. So THEY went in , killed him and THEN, (and I can hardly type this) THEY BURIED HIM AT SEA ACCORDING TO HIS "RELIGION". Okay correct me if I am wrong, but if MY soldier was standing there, and that fucker had a weapon aimed at her head, do you REALLY think HE would ask HER, "So, soldier, according to your religion, what should we do with your body after we blow your fucking brains out?" Um, no.

Sooooo...yeah, I am pissed. He DESERVED to be tortured. Not die a quick death and then thrown in the sea. He DESERVED to be tried and convicted of his crimes and hanged by the neck like Saddam. THAT is what is deserved. However, he was shot and then buried according to his fucking religion.

They have NO consideration for Americans, hell, they don't have consideration for their own people. They tried to kill a bunch of SCHOOL GIRLS by pumping poisonous gas into the heating system. They tried to kill CHILDREN. Would they have cared if those CHILDREN had been buried according to THEIR religion? No.

So yeah, I am pissed off. And I needed a place to rant, so I had to come back here. I am sure I will be back. I miss my blog. I miss THIS. Being able to say whatever I want, whenever I want 'cause I have to play nice because I have kids and customers on my Facebook. So yep, I'm back. I know that I only have you 11 followers and most of you probably don't even read me anymore. But that's okay. I can still come here and rant and feel better.

And now I do.