Thursday, October 30, 2008


Finally. Whew.

Seriously, I have been looking around at other bloggers, trying to find some talented, funny blogging ladies to stalk and I have found another one.

Yeah, I know I am probably coming to the ball game VERY late, as she has been around for a while and I am just barely out of my blogging virginity. So just let me pretend that I have discovered something that no one else knew about, and quit snickering already!

I added her to my "Best Blogs on the Planet" list, so you just have to go and read! She is F-U-N-N-Y funny! And more than anything in the world, I admire funny! You could find the cure for cancer, but if you aren't funny, forget it. You cannot be my friend.

So check her out when you get the chance!

In case you can't find my "Best Blogs on the Planet List" over THERE, here is the link Happy reading and tell her that Kandi sent ya! (And she will probably look at you and say "So what? Who the hell is that?")