Sunday, November 9, 2008

I am still alive!

I need to apologize to my readers for my silence the past few days, but I was just so busy enjoying what I like to call "Migraine Days"! YAY!

You see this is a little-known holiday that I get to go on ever so often, and when I am there, I am usually having such a GREAT time that I just can't stop to do anything else!

I do have a story from my "holiday", but sorry no pictures this time. (And no, I didn't bring you anything!)

I babysit for a little boy (he will be 3 in January) with a heart condition (not that you need to know that for the purposes of this story, but I thought I would throw that in).

Friday morning when he got here (at 5:30 am) my headache had progressed from "it really hurts", to "it fucking hurts". I had my meds, but they were NOT working, so when he got here we headed back to bed. We settled in with books, toys, and Spongebob in his rightful place on the TV (ever watch Spongebob when you have a migraine? I don't recommend it!).

Now you have to understand when "Monster Boy" is sleepy, he likes to play with my hair, and me being one of those people who would rather have her hair brushed than have sex, I NEVER complain. Pretty soon he started getting sleepy, so he plopped down on the pillow and started to play with my hair. No problem.

Then he stopped.

I was about half asleep, but I could have sworn I heard a kind of squishy, liquid kind of sound, but I just dismissed it.

His hands go back into my hair.

Squishy liquid sound.

Hands in the hair.

Squishy sound.

Hands in the-

Oh, shit.

In my fuzzy, pain enveloped brain it suddenly dawned on me what was happening. I touched my hair, and yep, you have probably guessed it, my hair had been spit-styled.

The hot shower and shampooing my hair actually helped the pain a little. And I know one little boy who better be glad that it did.



Lana said...

I hope you feel better soon, if not already. Migraines just flat out stink... but I can honestly say mine have never smelled like a 2 year old's saliva.