Sunday, December 14, 2008

They were the worst of times.....

WOW! Has it REALLY been TEN days since I posted?!?! Ooops!

I have been so busy with all the wonderful, happy, and joyous things you are forced to do for people that you don't like during the holidays (I have been making candles) that I just haven't been able to get over here. I AM proud to say that I did about 85% of my shopping online. Click, type credit card #, wait for UPS. DONE.

I was looking over the list of things that my daughters want and need, and it occured to me that even though people talk about the bad economy, nothing has really changed for us. We don't have any money, we never had any money and we never will have any money. So, what recession?

I know, however that things are BAD this holiday season. REALLY bad, and how do I know? Well there are a few things that tell me:

  1. The Help Wanted Ads section of the paper is about 2 columns long. And no one would want the jobs listed in there if they had to go hungry, wear plastic grocery bags and farm their children out to the highest bidder. (I wonder if someone WOULD pay for that. Oh, Princess! Can you come here a minute?)
  2. The Angel Tree at the local Wal Mart is about to topple over from all of the "Angels" hanging on it. I get a pang of guilt every time I pass it. I can almost hear them hissing and booing me when I walk on by them. (Mean angels.)
  3. There was a woman ahead of me at a convenience store the other day paying for her gas with pennies, lint and Chuckie Cheese tokens.
  4. The people standing with the "Will Work for Food" signs along the highway are wearing Armani suits.
  5. I have seen Elves in the unemployment line.
  6. Shopping at Wal Mart and Dollar General is becoming the "cool" thing to do. (I'm FINALLY "cool"! YAY! I have been WAY ahead of the times for years!)

I am sure that I will be adding more to this post and will "bump" it up as I get to them. I wanted to get a post on here for my readers, so I am posting it now:o)

I have some others things to post brewing in my twisted brain, so I promise not to have a big gap in between posting again!



Lana said...

Lol! I was going to comment on your last post a couple days ago saying "where the heck are you" but thought that may come across a little too stalkerish... I prefer my stalking to be a little less obvious. :P

I ♥LOVE♥ Walmart! I actually did all my Christmas shopping at Walmart...and the dollar store across the street from it!