Monday, January 19, 2009

Dog Breeds You Don't See Every Day

It is common knowledge that I have a very twisted sense of humor. And I LOVE dogs.

My sister knows me so well. She sent me this today, and I thought it was soooo cute. I don't like a lot of that "spammy" stuff that people send, and she doesn't send me a lot of stuff like that, but she couldn't pass this up because she knew I would love it.

How cute are these?

1.Collie + Lhasa Apso - Collapso, a dog that folds up for easy transport.

2.Pointer + Setter - Pointsetter, a traditional Christmas pet

3.Great Pyrenees + Dachshund - Pyradachs, a puzzling breed

4.Pekingese + Lhasa Apso - Peekasso, an abstract dog

5.Newfoundland + Basset Hound - Newfound Asset Hound, a dog for financial advisors

6.Terrier + Bulldog -Terribull, a dog that makes awful mistakes

7.Bloodhound + Labrador - Blabador, a dog that barks incessantly

8.Malamute + Pointer -Moot Point, owned by.... oh, well, it doesn't matter anyway

9.Collie + Malamute - Commute, a dog that travels to work

10.Deerhound + Terrier - Derriere, a dog that's true to the end

Someone had WAY too much time on their hands when they thought these up. Actually when I see something like this, I get this picture of all these stoners sitting around, passing the bong and cracking up at their own wit. I am sure that is how a lot of this comes about.