Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Flashback-How to get 50% off on Dentist Bills

This Friday Flashback is a little different because it involves my cousin instead of one of my rotten kids. But I think you will get a good chuckle out of it just the same:o)

When my cousin Mindy was 12 years old she needed to visit the dentist to have 2 teeth pulled. The dentist in our small town was well known and well liked by everyone, but he had one hobby that some people found a little, well, icky. He had pet snakes.

Mindy knew this and when her mom told her that she was going to have to go to see him, she was insistent that he was NOT going to be putting his hands in her mouth due to the fact that he kept these pet snakes.

Well, obviously he didn't handle the snakes and then put his hands in people's mouths, but anyone who has ever tried to convince a 12-year-old of ANYTHING knows that it is nearly impossible.

Ignoring her protests, my aunt made the appointment and took Mindy to the dentist, with Mindy stating emphatically the entire time "He is NOT going to put his hands in my mouth!"

They arrived at the office, and called Mindy back to the exam room. They put her in the chair, put on the bib and then proceeded to give her the shots to numb her mouth. Once they finished the shots they left the room to allow her mouth to become sufficiently numb so the doctor could come in to pull her teeth. My aunt stayed in the waiting room.

After a while the dental assistant came out to the waiting room and summoned my aunt to Mindy's exam room.

My aunt was completely shocked when in the hallway the assistant handed her two of Mindy's teeth and stated "Your daughter pulled these out before the doctor even got into the room."

My incredulous aunt walked into the room where Mindy was and asked her "What did you do???" to which Mindy shrugged and replied "I told you he wasn't going to put his hands in my mouth."

Once she was numb, she had reached into her own mouth and wiggling with all her might had pulled out her own teeth.

Luckily she pulled the right ones.

The dentist office still had to charge my aunt for the pulling of one tooth. Go figure.



Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

Wow. That's one determined girl! Too bad your aunt had to pay annyways. What a family story!!