Monday, August 31, 2009

Are you freaking kidding me?

I know, I am opinionated and I don't have a problem sharing my opinions. So once again, here I go ranting about something that has me totally PISSED OFF.

This woman, Lori Drew should be punished. She and her piece of shit daughter should go to jail and no one can figure out exactly how to make that happen. I am not going to rail on and on and on, but my god! What she did to that poor girl should be considered AT LEAST involuntary manslaughter! And she doesn't even appear to feel the least bit guilty. She caused that poor child to commit suicide by pretending to be a boy, getting her to like 'the boy', and then 'breaking it off' and telling her that she was worthless and the world would be better off without her. She did all this because SHE is a worthless piece of gutter trash. And they can't figure out what kind of laws she broke???

You know, I believe that someday, someone will do something to HER or to her CHILD that she will not be able to control. Someone will be mean in a way that will cause her or her daughter harm; irreversible harm, and when that day comes, it will be no less than what she deserves.

If it had been MY child, then I would be in jail, because I would have killed the bitch. Period.


Funny Girl said...

The whole thing pissed me the eff off too. There is a special place in hell for her and her daughter. She and her family have had to deal with some justice from the people...they have been so harassased they have had to sell their home and move, and they get death threats all the time. Not saying they should be murdered, but she sure does deserve any shit she gets thrown at her.