Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why don't we just scare the hell out of everyone? It might be fun or something.

Good grief! (And that is one of the nice things I can say about news reporters and this article!)

Why don't we just scare the hell out of everyone? For the fun of it?

Ummmmm it is FLU SEASON. The regular everyday flu (and yeah that one sucks I have had it twice and I was S.I.C.K. as hell). Could it be possible that 1,999 of these people have that. Or umm, maybe with the seasons changing, the weather getting cooler and the ragweed and every other green plant in the country drying out, could it MAYBE, just MAYBE be allergies/sinus infection?

I mean why cause all this fear and confusion for POSSIBLE cases of swine flu? This is this kind of CRAP that makes me despise the media sometimes.

Let's scare the hell out of everyone first and then come back and say "Oh, oops, not the swine flu after all! Our bad!"


Look people, I work in a hospital. Just don't be an idiot. Cough or sneeze into your elbow, not on your hand, and encourage others to do the same, WASH YOUR HANDS A LOT, use hand sanitizer (not as a SUBSTITUTE for washing, but afterwards), open public doors with and clean shopping carts with disinfectant wipes and don't share cell phones. At the office, clean your keyboard, phone, lightswitches and doorknobs with disinfectant wipes too. If you handle money, again WASH YOUR HANDS.

Oh and BY THE FREAKING WAY (this goes out to every idiot out there sick and walking around in the public, but especially to the woman bagging my groceries at Wal Mart the other night) if you DO get sick, STAY. THE. FUCK. HOME when you are coughing your damn head off. I had to clean every item you touched when I got home with it. Thank you so much.

I am done now.