Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cats-According to Ratman

This morning the cats were (playfully) fighting for dominance over who was going to get to sit in the front window of the living room.

The female, Wednesday, won. The male, Harley, took his lumps, slinked off the BACK window of the living room where he starting crying like a bitch.

So I said to him "Harley, you let that girl beat you out of the front window and now you are crying? You aren't a Tom, you are a Pussy."

So I then turned to Ratman and said, "Is a male cat STILL a Tom if he has been neutered? If not what do you call him?"

To which he replied "Married."


Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

Soooo... Does that mean Ratman cries like a bitch when you show him who's boss too?

(Don't hurt me Ratman. Please don't hurt me!)

kandi-itsmyblog said...

Well, yeah, Lana! Of course, he does, he is just too big to admit who is the boss around here. Does he have a blog? NO! It is me, all me! **evil cackling laugh**