Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shameless Ebay Plug

Update: I dropped the starting price down to get these moving. Maybe someone will have a toddler that can wear them! My neice is 4 so if you know of anyone with a child around that age then send them my way:o) I just don't want to be stuck with these. I am thinking if they don't sell then I may get with Crystal and see if we can find someone to donate them to.


Okay, I promise not to do this very often, BUT I bought my neice a pair of pink Mammoth Crocs for her B-Day and they are not the right size. They are kids 10/11. So I need to sell them and get a bigger size.

Of course they are brand new with the tags still attached. She never even tried them on because we knew they were too little just by looking at them.

I am going to put the link here for anyone to check it out. I started the listing at $18.99 so I can try to recoup some of what I paid ($22.99 + $7.00 shipping) before I order her a new pair.

So again, I promise not to do this all the time, I just need to sell these shoes. They are TOO CUTE for words, and would be a GREAT Christmas gift! (Hint-Hint;o)

Check 'em out if you want and bid if you are interested in them:o) If you know of anyone that is looking for a good deal on a pair in that size, then send 'em my way! I have 100% positive feedback, my seller feedback is spotless (I had a couple of bitches who retaliated on some feedback that I left for THEM when I was the buyer), so I am trustworthy and would send them out ASAP!


Lana said...

Bummer. Those won't do me any good. Considering my feet are gimungus, my daughter wouldn't fit them for another 10 years or so, and I noticed no shipping to Canada. Hopefully they sell for you!

Tag! I tagged you here. Just some "randomness".