Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Will the REAL Will Smith Shut the Hell Up?

Okay, I have always liked Will Smith. He is a good actor, he is funny, he never does really crazy things in the press, etc. etc.

H-O-W-E-V-E-R, all of that stops here and now.

The Stupidest Statements by a Parent Award goes to....Envelope Please....

Will Smith! (Bet you didn't see THAT coming!)

Will you are getting this award for 2 reasons:

When your daughter had a movie in theaters at the same time you did, and when she asked you if you thought hers would make more money than yours, you laughed at her, mocked her and bascially made her feel like shit. Not once, but TWICE. Congratulations.

I saw a quote the other day, stating that when your children will not clean their rooms, you tell them that they are not THEIR rooms, they are yours and you only "let" them live in them. Way to give them the love and security that children crave. Asshole.

So here's to you, Will Smith, there may be others who are more deserving, but that doesn't mean that you don't deserve it as well.

So, Mr. Will Smith I hope you will accept this award, I hope you will take it in the spirit in which it is intended, and then kindly shove it up your ass.



Lana said...

uh oh... I laughed my ass off on the bedroom thing. And slightly considered it... Does that mean we can't be bloggy friends no more? Yikes!!

kandi-itsmyblog said...


The bedroom thing wouldn't have pissed me off if he had just said THAT one thing. But the fact that I read two different interviews where he said he laughed at his daughter when she said that about her movie, now everything he says pisses me off.

It was her first movie. I would have said, "Well, my movie might do better, but that doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with yours." You know what I mean?

But maybe that is just the "mom" in me.

When I told my kids to do something they didn't want to do, and they ask me in a grating whiny voice why they have to do it, I always said "So you will have something to talk about with your therapist someday!" But I never made them feel like they were any less important than anyone else.

I'm just funny that way.

And, yes, I GUESS we can still be bloggy friends, but I don't want to have to remind you to be nice. Or to clean your room! :o)

Lana said...

Yeah, That wasn't very nice to mock his daughter. Doesn't sound very encouraging at all.

You won't have to remind me to clean my room. Promise. My 7 yr old reminds me enough! As to being nice? All I can say is I will try!

kandi-itsmyblog said...

Okay, I guess it's alright if you stay.

But the first time I have to tell you to clean the condom wrappers off the floor or get the McDonalds wrappers out of your bed, you are out of here!

I'll be keeping an eye on you.